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About C&S Metall-Werkes
History of C&S
Who is C&S Metall-Werkes?

  • We have been a Class-2 manufacturer, Class-3 dealer and store front dealer for 25 years.
  • We are most of our local law-enforcement agency's armorer.
  • We have been on subguns.com recommended dealers list, for over 15 years.
  • Everyone at our shop has from 5 years to 25 years experience designing/building/modifying weapons & parts.
  • We have a SIG, GLOCK, FN, certified armorer╔who also works with local LEO/SWAT in weapons training/post-certifications.
  • We have a CNC shop, manual mills & lathes, Miller MIG & TIG welders, stamping presses, blast cabinets, parkerizing tanks, paint-booth & ovens, and everything else that is required for designing, modifying and building weapons.
We are Experts at Building/Maintaining/Trouble-Shooting/Repairing:

  • M2 50cal "Ma Deuce" full & semi
  • 1919 full & semi
  • 37mm cannons
  • MG-74
  • M-60
  • BAR
  • Bren
  • HK USC to UMP conversion
  • HK SL-8 to G36 conversion
  • HK G3, 51, 53, 91, 93, 94, MP5
  • MKE Turkish HK
  • M16 & AR-15
  • AK
  • UZI
  • MAC
  • STEN
  • Sterling
  • PPS-43, PPSH, Soumi
  • M3 Grease gun
  • 1911
  • 870, SBS & AOW
  • Stuart Tanks
  • Military vehicles
  • Etc...


We are also specialists in converting semi-Auto HK's to SBR sear-host guns (ready for registered sear packs).

We build custom AR-15's from the ground up and also convert AR-15's to M16's for local law enforcement agencies.

We are experts in repairing (irreplaceable) M16 NFA registered receivers.

We are also extremely well versed in the detailed-functioning and modification of the Saiga series of shotguns.

Not only do we build/modify weapons, we also have come up with many unique designs and inventions.

Designed and built 20+ years ago, our groundbreaking 75rd 308 caliber HK-G3 machinegun saddle-drum magazine.

1990, the famous C&S 72rd 9mm HK MP5-submachinegun magazine. Later offered in M16/9mm, M10, M11/9, M11/9 STEn, M11/380, UZI, S&W 76.

Gracing the cover of Machinegun News (replaced by Small Arms Review magazine), was the next accolade. The lengthy testing & evaluation boiled down to one paragraph that summed up the quality of C&S's products, Quote: "This C&S MP-5 drum is one of the few accessories that matches the quality and reliability of the HK MP5 itself." -- Machinegun News, May 1993.

One of our C&S MP5 drum magazines has been seen in the Heckler & Koch Museum in Oberndorf, Germany.

15 years ago, working in conjunction with Joe Gaddini of SWR, we built the first true internally suppressed SD AR-15/M16 9mm. Ported 5" barrel encompassed by the full-length SD suppressor. The bbl vents and first blast chamber reduced standard 9mm ammo into true subsonic rounds. Was quieter than the HK-MP5 SD. The weapon featured the first flat-top upper, before they were available to the public...built from a picatinny rail, attached to the top of a milled off A2 upper.

The first M11/9 metal magazine╔converted from Military Madsen magazines.

Madsen double-stack/single-feed magazines converted to Colt M16/9mm, eliminating the tendency of the original double-feed Colt mags to eject all of the rounds when the magazine was bumped/dropped.

C&S's "Ivan's Hammer" 12ga short-bbl-shotgun. Staring life as a Russian Baikal sporting pump gun, C&S transformed it into a formidable entry gun. Sporting a 9" bbl, detachable 5rd magazine, HKMP5K forward pineapple grip, and CAR-15 collapsible butt-stock.

C&S's "Krinker-Plinker" Ruger 10/22 conversion; turning your 10/22 into a Krinkov look-alike.
All stamping dies & injection molds (receiver cover, butt-stock, pistol grips, forends) built in house. All CNC components/parts done in house.

We are currently designing a pistol caliber modern sub-machinegun, from the ground up

Innovation and Excellence!

Check our GALLERY to see more of what we have and what we do...

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